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You are kindly invited to participate in a set of workshops where we will learn how to work with porcelain, the finest material in the world of ceramics.
We will create jewelry, multipurpose bowls, cups and vase using the different techniques like hand building, slip casting and pressing into moulds. 
We will also learn how to decorate porcelain with cobalt oxide, how to prepare porcelain based engobs and how to use oxide pens.
Most of the workshops don't require any previous experience, because we work in small groups (5 people) so you’ll get plenty of individual attention and guidance from our experienced ceramic artist Bojana Ristevski Mlaker and painter Miha Perne.
Each workshop includes all required materials (porcelain, clay, tools, glaze, kiln firing). Finished pieces can be picked up at the studio one month after the workshop. 
All pieces are fired at 1250° and are dishwasher safe.


6th April  5-7:30pm
We will start this series of workshops with porcelain jewelry. We will be creating earrings, broches, pendants and rings using the finest of materials in the world of ceramics - porcelain. 
Using the technique of building from very thin slabs and adding textures and decor, you will learn how to get nice delicate piece of jewelry.At the end every piece will be finished and hand painted with undergaze colors for porcelain.
13th April  5-7:30pm
We will create multipurpose bowls using the technique of casting and pressing into moulds. Each participant will make tree porcelain bowls. We will also learn the technique of decorating and processing of the fresh porcelain.
We will learn to decorate in three different ways: technique of drawing with underglaze colour, decorating with a pump and textures. We will also learn how to colour the porcelain for moulding. In our studio you will learn about three different porcelains, two for moulding and the third which is great for hand work.
20th April  5-7:30pm
We will make beautiful and practical cups for coffe or tea. Each participant will make two cups.Using very nice translucent porcelain we will be building with slabs and printing various textures on the cups surface. 
Special attention will be paid to the design of the handle, its proportion to the rest of the cup and its unique design.Using experiences from previous workshops, we will be able to decorate them with underglaze colors and engobs.
26th April  5-7:30pm
Each participant will hand-build one tall vase from coils and slabs of clay. A special focus of this workshop is to learn how to prepare porcelain ENGOBS and how to use natural pigments (iron, manganese and copper oxides).
Price of the course is 300 eur per person.
For the course to be held, we need enough applications for the entire course (min3 max 5 persons)
14th April  5-7:30pm
Each participant will create a soup or pasta bowl and matching spoon. We will use porcelain and combine the techniques of building from slabs and using molds.
At the end we will be decorating the bowls in traditional japanese style with broad brushstrokes using engobs. 
Price for the workshop is 80eur per person.
21th April  5-7:30pm
In this special workshop you will learn how to paint porcelain with cobalt oxide with our experienced painter Miha Perne. 
You will get from us pre-prepared plate and cup, once fired (biscuit fired) and ready for painting. 
together with Miha you will go through all the preparatory stages:
  1. Sanding and cleaning the porcelain surface.
  2. Preparation of engobs and cobalt oxide for painting.
  3. Miha will demonstrate the decorative techniques and then work with you.
  4. How to prepare glaze and how to apply glaze with dipping technique.
Price for the workshop is 80eur per person.
Workshops will be held only if we have enough applications ( min 3 max 5 participants).
We ask you kindly to  come to the studio at least 15 min before the start of the course/ workshop. 
You can apply via email
You will receive payment details upon sending us an email.
All workshops are held in our studio at Resljeva 10 in Ljubljana.