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We organize various workshops in our studio. Most of them don't require any previous experience. The groups are small (1-3 people)  so you get plenty of individual attention and guidance from our experienced ceramic artists, Bojana Ristevski Mlaker or Julia Draškoci Ropret. Each workshop includes all required materials (clay, tools, glaze, kiln firing). Finished pieces can be picked up at the studio. All pieces are fired at 1250° and are dishwasher safe.



Price 65eur

We will be creating earrings, broches, pendants and rings using the finest of materials in the world of ceramics - porcelain.

Using the technique of building from very thin slabs and adding textures and decor the participants will also be able to decide if they would like to use gold and platinum in a separate advanced workshop.



Price 65eur

Each participant will create a traditional ramen bowl and matching spoon. We will use gray clay  and combine the techniques of building from slabs and using molds.
At the end we will be decorating the bowls in traditional japanese style with broad brushstrokes using white engoba colour. The finished products are all dishwasher safe. 



Price 65eur


We will make beautiful and practical cups for coffe or tea. Each participant will make two cups.
Using gray clay we will be building with slabs and printing various textures on the cups surface. Special attention will be paid to the design of the handle, its proportion to the rest of the cup and its unique design.


Price 70eur
Each participant will design and create a sushi set for two containing 2 plates, 2 bowls and 2 supports for chopsticks.

We will be using brown and white clay, the techniques of building from slabs and pinch pot and decorating with various textures and engoba colours. The finished products are, of course — dishwasher safe.


Individual classes by appointment
The price per session of two hours is 55eur
Throughout this class, you will gain thorough knowledge and insight into wheel throwing and its many applications. You will learn about the various stages within the transformation from soft clay to finished product and the opportunities for shaping the material within these various stages. The classes will include techniques such as centering, hand throwing on the pottery wheel, trimming, and glazing. The first class will be an introduction to the basic techniques. We will focus on throwing simple shapes in the following classes and trimming them. In the final class, the finished products will be glazed and fired.
Juha studio is a light-filled  workshop, open for all who are attracted to making with clay, from absolute beginners to more experienced potters. We are uniquely located in central part of Ljubljana near the Dragon bridge. A place of calm and community, our carefully curated space provides a perfect environment for city-dwellers to come together to learn and create.
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